The best way to purchase is by setting up a wholesale account so you can order at wholesale whenever you feel like shopping.  You can also opt into ordering monthly to access the loyalty rewards program (LRP) which will earn you product points and free products!


Most people begin by purchasing a starter kit but you could also open your account for R445 and add whichever items you’d like at the wholesale price.

{The starter kits dōTERRA offer have the wholesale membership included and are the best value}


You will select the membership fee only option of R445 and add any single oils, blends or other products from the South African website to create your own custom order. 
* Ensure that you add the 'Introductory Welcome Packet' at checkout if choosing this option.


Purchase an enrolment kit to receive an even bigger discount and waive the membership fee. 

Purchasing a kit is the best way to get started and there's an enrolment kit to suit every budget.


The Family Essentials Kit is great value as you'll receive the top 10 essential oils (5ml) that every household needs. 


The Home Essentials Kit has the Top 10 oils (15ml) as well as a Petal diffuser

As a wholesale member, you will:

  • Save 25% off all your orders

  • Have the option to participate in the Loyalty Program (LRP) and earn FREE product and save up to 30% off your orders

  • Be eligible to receive the FREE Product of the Month (which is one of my fave perks)

  • Gain access to our Private Facebook Support Groups and Online Oil Education Program

  • Have the option to receive commissions or referral bonuses for sharing with friends and family – or building your own business, should you choose

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we can help you set up a wholesale account.

Just let us know where you are and we’ll send you all the information you need.

***** Keep in mind that there is never an obligation to sell oils or order monthly with dōTERRA membership. Absolutely no strings attached. Just the highest quality, purest oils available in the world today and a super simple way to have them delivered to your door.


Step 1: Click HERE and select English.  Select South Africa.  

Should you be in Europe, Australia or the US please select the relevant and follow the prompts and enter your own shipping address.

Step 2: Select 'Wholesale Customer'. 

**If you are seriously interested in the business side and want to dive right in then please select 'Wellness Advocate' so that we can get you earning as soon as possible.

Step 3: Enter your personal information. Leave co-applicant space blank. 

Step 4: At *enroller ID* and *sponsor ID*, enter my number: 6138048 (if not already filled in) then click 'verify' (it should then show you the name 'Tanja de Bruyn')

Step 5: Choose an easy-to-remember password and then you're ready to click on over to the next page.

Step 6: Here, you'll choose what you'd like to order. You'll see all of the enrolment kits at the top, but if you just want to order a couple of oils instead, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will show you. If you are not enrolling with a kit, be sure to select the introductory packet. Joining with a kit waives the enrolment fee. 

Some of my favourites:

- Serenity & Balance blends (cannot live without them)

- Wild Orange

- Veráge Skin Care

- Copaiba essential oil (a must have oil in every home!)

- Oh yes and the Shampoo & Conditioner!

Enter your payment details, click “View Totals” and select: Process Order now.

You can now enter your Credit Card Details and choose to Process the Order.

A pop up screen with your processed order appear on your screen.

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